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Get Started As A Maker

Get our most actionable insights on how to live the dream and make a living as a Maker!

The Maker world can sometimes be overwhelming because there are so many places where you can create awesome stuff online. We’ve broken out some of our favorites below to show the most popular resources on each topic.

No Code

The hottest trend in for IndieHackers and Makers all over the web is No Code Development. Find out what it’s all about, how to get started, and how it can transform your brand.

Email Marketing

Email is not dead, and it likely will never be. As great as YouTube and social media are for reach, email is still tops for engagement and conversions for when you’re ready to connect with your audience.


Creating multiple channels to connect with your audience is absolutely the best way to bring in new people to your brand. Let’s get your message on the 2nd biggest search engine on the web.


The OG in the Maker space, blogging is still going strong today, and may even be gaining steam as some makers want to get away from short form content to really share their insights in written form.


This is where we got our start, and still love the medium. Podcasting is hands down the easiest (and maybe quickest?!) way to create long form content that really engages with your audience.

Online Courses

Teach what you know, and others will love you for it. What better scenario than having a job where you can work from anywhere, sharing your passion for your favorite topic. That’s the reality of successful online course creators.